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There’s something about a man in a suit. But, a man in a custom made suit makes a distinct and powerful impression that elevates him to another level. He’s put together in a singular, important way. He commands attention when he’s present and lingers in the memories of everyone he’s encountered once he’s gone.

At Vero Uomo, our passion, our work, and our very lives are validated by the existence of such a discerning gentleman. We are proud to be providing tailored custom suits to our clientele in Northern New Jersey and the Greater New York City area for over two decades. Our master tailors have the expertise, the passion, and technical ability to hang the finest imported fabrics, from the world’s most illustrious mills, around the shoulders of the most discerning gentlemen, and make their wildest sartorial dreams become a reality.


While the sky is the limit when it comes to price-point when speaking of custom suiting, we know every man wants to look and feel his best in relation to their own means and budget. We are proud to offer our made-to-measure suits at a starting price-point of $1,395 to the luxury ready-to-wear marketplace. Now, If one conducts a Google search for custom suits in northern New Jersey, plenty of custom men’s suit shops will certainly come up, but it’s important to understand that there is no overabundance of experienced high-end tailors in the United States, or in the world in fact. Across Italy the storied sartorial houses are engaging the younger generations and building training schools to keep the art of Italian Tailoring alive and thriving. We are blessed to count our team at Vero Uomo among the top of the class. The level of precision and attention to the finest detail our master tailors adhere to make the difference that the whole world can see, and that you can feel. And it all begins with the measurements.


Precise and exacting detail to measurement is the key to a beautiful custom suit. If a person isn’t measured correctly, the suit cannot be fashioned correctly. There is no middle ground on this fact. Rest assured Vero Uomo’s expert tailors will apply the strictest tenets of quality to make certain that each garment and the man wearing them looks and feels their absolute best.

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The Experience

In a new client consultation, you’ll work with our style consultants to discuss fabrics, colors, and styles, as well as get measured for your new garments. We’ll take body measurements for you without a jacket on, including shoulders, chest, “pancia” (belly), “vita” (waist)  and “fianchi” (hips). You then put on the model jacket of the designer that you wish to buy.

Our repeat client consultations are traditionally speedier, because you’re already a member of our family and we have a keen interest in continuing to work with you on assessing and building your wardrobe. Once we’ve completed your consultation, we order your garments, notify you when they come in and invite you back for a final fitting in your new suit!

We have the ability to source a large range of fabrics: From Super 150’s to Loro Piana Fabrics, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and the renowned cloth merchant Scabal. We even work with Vicuna fabrics, which are the most luxurious fabrics in the world. Providing such an impressive array of materials is important because the cost of the suit custom suit we tailor for you depends on the fabric. 

Our Selection

Vero Uomo is proud to give you the highest quality choices of designers at a variety of helpful price-points, such as:

  • Vero Uomo Suits starting at $1,395

  • Pal Zileri suits starting at $2,395

  • Orazio Luciano suits starting at $4,175

  • Belvest suits starting at $4,295

  • Sant’Andrea suits starting at $5,575

Our seasoned and experienced consultants and tailors are ready and waiting to provide you with the warmest welcome to the Vero Uomo family. 

Call us today, or simply stop in, and let’s begin the process of putting you into a bespoke suit that will have you commanding the attention you deserve, and lingering in the memories of all you encounter.


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