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Owner Mario Roselli has been mastering the art of sophisticated Italian style since the age of 16. Taking inspiration from his birth home of Bernalda, Italy, Mario introduced the classic sartorial elegance of his homeland to the American businessman by partnering with some of the most respected brands in the business, such as Belvest, Pal Zileri, Sant’Andrea, and Stefano Ricci, to name a few.


Mario prides himself on knowing exactly what men are looking for when it comes to personal styling, whether it be that of a CEO, groomsman or young professional. Mario and his expert team know the value of quality, affordability, and precision in tailoring garments like an Italian suit, or a custom shirt. “We provide an attention to detail that you cannot find in large department stores or online,” Mario says. “That’s what makes us so special and sets us apart from the rest.” 

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